Sure Purity

Sure Purity Filtration


CO Vapour polishing, multi-stage filtration for the beverage industry. 

  • Soft drinks
  • Beer and cider drinks
  • Mineral water
  • Sparkling wine

The Issue:

Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) is a by-product of many different processes. Each source type can have source-specific impurities.

These should be removed by the industrial gas supplier during the purification process, but small traces can remain. Carbon Dioxide vapour is the only industrial gas used as an ingredient by the beverage industry. It has many uses, but the most important one is for carbonating the beverage. Without CO₂, our beverages would not sparkle.

Beverage brand owners and manufacturers protect their products and processes by requiring multi-stage CO₂ vapour polishing filtration systems.

Without this protection the finished beverage is at risk of being contaminated. This contamination can result in off-flavours, smells and appearance.

The beverage industry and its CO₂ suppliers set quality guidelines which are strictly followed to ensure the beverage is 100% safe.


With its modular design and small footprint, Carboguard is easy to extend when needed. There is a model for each application.


  • 12 months of cartridge service life
  • Unique Carbonyl Sulphide barrier included
  • Performance guarantee
  • 50% fewer cartridges used
  • 10 year housing warranty
  • Integrated pre and post-filtration
  • 4 times faster to service
  • 400 – 4000 kg/hr flows covered with a single model, 8 models in the range and higher flows available.

Utilising advanced adsorption technologies in a multiple media arrangement. As opposed to loose fill, Carboguard uses a snow storm filling technique to fill our cartridges.

This ensures:

  •  Uniformity
  •  Equal resistance to flow
  •  Optimal contact time between gas and media
  •  No channelling or bed fluidisation
  •  Greatly reduced media attrition
  • Very low particulates

Validation and Approvals

Due to the critical nature of the product and application, a rigorous and thorough performance validation was conducted and verified by an Internationally recognized laboratory accredited to ISO 17025:2015.




Performance Guaranteed:

  • Approved for materials of construction independently verified to comply with USA Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 (21.CRF.173, 21CFR.175 and 21CFR.177).
  • Approved as a processing aid for the polishing of CO₂ for use in food and beverage manufacturing.
  • Approved by International brands for use as a critical quality assurance device to protect against contamination from impurities introduced by CO₂.

Technical Performance

Carboguard systems are specifically engineered to operate in an environment that is >99.9% v/v carbon dioxide gas and are designed to protect beverage production gas against the contaminants detailed in the ISBT quality guidelines for beverage grade CO₂, a selection of which are in the table on the right. The incident protection offered by Carboguard systems includes contamination of to a level of ten times the levels specified by ISBT.

Standard Carboguard cartridges are designed to last 12 months in continuous operation, processing beverage quality CO₂ (to ISBT).

Stage 1 pre and stage 5 post filter elements are guaranteed for 12 months of operation.

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