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Pharmaceuticals Filtration
  • Colour reduction

Activated carbon is used in the pharmaceutical industry to remove impurities from active ingredient manufacturing. These impurities are typically derived from chemical reactions that produce coloured by-products. These coloured by-products must be removed to maintain drug purity and produce high-quality, on-spec intermediate compounds.


  • Reduction of dissolved solids

Most synthetic drug products utilize a variety of intermediates during processing. These intermediates can include active drug components, solvents or fine chemicals used in processing, excipients and as precursors to final drug formulation. During these steps, dissolved solids in various forms must be reduced to ensure product quality and safety requirements. Depth filters represent an efficient method for dissolved solids reduction in pharmaceutical active ingredient manufacturing.

Bioburden reduction is used in the pharmaceutical industry to provide clarification of pharmaceutical process streams. Control of bioburden in pharmaceutical processing is critical in order to maintain product quality and to improve overall process economics.

Sterilizing grade filtration requires robust filters designed for performance certification to standards established by regulatory agencies, including absolute retention of certain micro organisms and certification of filter integrity by the manufacturer.

Chemicals and solvents used in pharmaceutical manufacturing include alcohol, acetone, methylene chloride and numerous other bulk chemicals for raw materials. Active pharmaceutical ingredients are synthesized through chemical reactions that use solvents together with other ingredients including catalysts.

These bulk chemicals should be free of particulate matter and contaminants prior to their use in manufacturing processes in order to maintain process integrity and overall product quality.

The chambers are superior in Air Flow Distribution, temperature and humidity recovery, controlled technology, cabinet construction and made as per the cGMP and GLP requirements.

The walk-in stability chamber is cost-effective and a reliable solution for high-volume test applications for stability studies. The chambers reproduce and closely monitor environments with a precise combination of temperature and humidity.

Eliminates production stoppages for sterilization, reduces the risk of leaks and contamination and increases efficiency. It simplifies cleaning validations – use once and discard.

Water filtration is the most common application in the pharmaceutical industry. The water, steam and utilities used in pharmaceutical production is typically filtered to remove particles, scale and impurities prior to its use. Reverse osmosis applications include:

  • Utilities water
  • Solids removal and recovery is a common application in pharmaceutical production at various stages in the operation.
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