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  • Adsorptive depth filtration
  • Endotoxin and bioburden reduction
  • Sterilizing grade filtration (liquid and gas)
  • Solvent and bulk chemical filtration
  • Stability chambers
  • High purity tubing, hose and single use systems

Sagisa’s filtration technologies address the most demanding applications in pharmaceutical processing for small molecule and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API’s) applications. Sagisa is able to offer filtration solutions in the pharmaceutical industry that meet the demands of regulatory agencies throughout the world.

Together with 3M Purification Inc. we are a leader in advanced depth filter systems and membrane-based separations, offering a wide range of products from bench-top to pilot-scale, to manufacturing-scale operations for all stages of pharmaceutical processing and sterile filtration.

Sagisa also specializes in Stability chambers, incubators, cooling cabinets(in association with our partners Thermolab Scientific) and High purity tubing, hose, and single use systems, manufactured for critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, and cosmetic applications.

Adsorptive depth filtration

  • Adsorptive depth filtration is used in the pharmaceutical industry to increase the purity of API’s by removing contaminants or for decolourization.
  • Sagisa offers adsorptive depth filtration technologies to industry for:
  1. Decolourisation in production of vitamins, antibodies, dextrose, gelatine enzymes, alcohol, perfume, solvents and fine chemicals.
  2. Blood fractionation
  3. Pesticide removal from plant extracts
  4. Removal of organic contaminants
  5. Clarification of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biological and bioprocess fluids or intermediates, e.g. parenteral, viscous fluids or growth media.

Endotoxin and bioburden reduction

  • Control of bioburden in pharmaceutical processing is critical in order to maintain product quality and to improve overall process economics. Pre-filters are typically used in line with sterilizing grade filters to help protect and prolong the life of downstream sterile filters.

Sterilizing grade filtration(liquid and gas)

  • Sterilizing grade filtration requires robust filters designed for performance certification to standards established by regulatory agencies, including absolute retention of certain microorganisms and certification of filter integrity by the manufacturer.
  1. Final sterilizing filtration
  2. Nitrogen filtration and tank venting
  3. Bulk pharmaceutical chemicals
  4. Reagents and buffers
  5. Orals and topicals
  6. Vaccines

Water filtration is the most common application in the pharmaceutical industry. The water, steam and utilities used in pharmaceutical production is typically filtered to remove particles, scale and impurities prior to its use. Reverse osmosis applications include:

  • Utilities water
  • Solids removal and recovery is a common application in pharmaceutical production at various stages in the operation.
  • Chemicals and solvents used in pharmaceuticals include alcohol, acetone, methylene chloride and numerous other bulk chemicals and raw materials.
  • These bulk chemicals should be free of particulate matter and contaminants prior to their use in manufacturing processes in order to maintain process integrity and overall product quality.
  • Thermolab stability chambers are developed as a result of intensive research, development, and innovation with 45 years of experience. The chambers are designed according to ICH guidelines, WHO, USFDA and UK MHRA requirements.
  • They have market-leading technologies in airflow distribution, temperature and humidity control, and cabinet construction as per cGMP and GLP requirements. The stability chambers are available in standards sizes and can also be custom made to your requirements.
  • NewAge Industries’ AdvantaPure® high purity products division specializes in ultra-clean products for the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries.
  • All products are manufactured, stored and shipped using the cleanest methods possible to ensure unsurpassed product purity for the customer.