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Sagisa can supply a system manufactured to meet your water usage requirements. This can be incorporated into your store. The store can use this water to supply either selected equipment or the whole store.
Food Service Filtration

Improving Beverage Security and Quality via Protection of Carbonation CO.

Consistent high-quality CO₂ in carbonisation of beverages is important for product security of carbonated beverages.

Acting as vapour polishers, carbon dioxide purifiers are designed to purify gas to the beverage quality guidelines. The systems provide in-line quality protection against peak levels of trace contaminants that may occasionally be present in beverage grade carbon dioxide.

The unit’s capacity may be matched to the required process flowrate by adding or removing adsorption cartridges and columns. The protection unit is installed after the vaporiser and processes the CO₂ in its gaseous phase.

Sure Purity carboguard

– Common Problems for Ice Machines:

  1. Scale build-up on evaporator plates
  2. Biofilm build-up on evaporator plates
  3. Excess chlorine can cause ‘smelly’ ice and corrode ice bins
  4. Excess sediment can clog tubes and solenoid valves
  5. Excess sediment can cause air entrapment and cloudy ice

– Benefits of Sagisa products:

  1. Increased capacity and therefore less frequent change-out
  2. No need for separate pre-filtration
  3. Additional bacteria claim

– Common problems for hot beverage machines:

  1. Scale build-up in heating system
  2. Scale build-up increases energy consumption
  3. Scale can clog spray systems or nozzles
  4. Sediment particles can clog small apertures and nozzles
  5. Excess chlorine and organics can cause bitter tasting beverages
  6. Scale can cause scum and cloudy drinks

– The Challenge:

Reducing scale build-up, providing an efficient operation whilst providing great tasting and looking beverages.

– The Solution

Products that reduce scale, chlorine taste and odour (and sediment). Consistent beverage clarity with full flavour along with efficient machines.

From convenience stores, to restaurants – the beverage machine is often the most profitable part of the business.

Postmix is 83% water. The challenge is preventing poor quality water from affecting the quality and consistency of the beverage and the efficiency of the equipment.

– Problems:

  1. Sediment particles can cause abrasion and short life on pumps, seals, o-rings and valves.
  2. High total dissolved solids can cause cloudy and unappealing beverages.
  3. Excess chlorine and organic residual can cause bitter tasting beverages – increased syrup usage.
  4. Cyst reduction from water to protect the consumer and brand.

– Solutions:

Food service systems reduce sediment, chlorine taste and odour to provide great tasting cold beverages and efficient machine operation.

Our drinking water system provides cleaner, better tasting water by reducing common contaminants.

This system addresses a number of contaminants that may be found in your water including chlorine taste and odour, sediment, chloramine, MTBE, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), TTHM, asbestos, lead and cysts.

Steam equipment is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment to maintain in a back-of-the-shop operation. Failures can be caused by poor water quality – water filtration systems for steamers can stop problems before they start. With our product portfolio we can treat the water with Resin or RO technology.

– Steamer Water Filtration

  1. Reduces shards of scale that can block blow-down drains
  2. Reduces scale build-up that can increase energy consumption
  3. Reduces scale build-up that can cause increased service calls and operational expenses
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