Modern UI Water Purification
Sagisa offers total water filtration solutions across all industries to address water quality and increase the efficient use of water...
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Modern UI Food Service
With our DP190 and RO systems you can provide high quality, bacterially safe water for the entire store...
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Modern UI Petrochemical
Efficient filtration and separation processes are essential in the petrochemical industry. Sagisa manufactures and supplies filtration solutions...
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Modern UI Automotive
Sagisa automotive assembly plant-paint shop capabilities...
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Modern UI Food and Beverage
Sagisa provides filtration, separation and clarification products and systems for the food and beverage industry. Our applications include filtration...
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Modern UI Pharmaceutical
Adsorptive Depth Filtration, Endotoxin and Bioburden Reduction, Sterilizing Grade Filtration (liquid and gas), Utilities & Plant Services ...
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Sagisa is a filtration and water purification company. We supply purification, clarification, separation and filtration solutions to the following industries: food, beverage, oil..

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Modern UI General Industrial Applications
Chemical manufacturers around the world depend on 3M Purification's advanced filtration technologies for efficient...
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Modern UI Mining
Liquid Filtration Applications for mining processes We offer a wide range of liquid filtration solutions for process water applications.
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